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About Us

Très is a showing of some of the finest
boutique hotels and travel concepts from
the Indian subcontinent.

The carefully curated showcase aims to engage with bespoke tour operators and media from India & overseas through meetings and interactive sessions. Not restricting itself to networking alone, Très also hosts focused 'Discover Sessions' by industry experts & trendsetters on narratives that define the future travel space and add value to the concept of experiential travel in the subcontinent.

About Us
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Our Story

Our story began in 2006. And this marks

16 years of being a part of the Indian subcontinent's tourism landscape.

We are absolutely in love with the region and what it has to offer! Over the years, we've witnessed industry successes and created headways in taking hospitality concepts from the region to the world. Working on the frontline, we've also understood the need of the hour, the importance of collaboration within the industry through impact-driven networking, forging new relationships, and shared knowledge. Thus, was born Très.

Our Story


Origin:  French ; Pronunciation: Trei

Meaning - Very.

What it precedes, it greatly elevates

Our Team

Building a successful team is about bringing together the right set of people.

People with similar ideologies and different skill sets from diverse backgrounds. Our team is just that!

We are a happy dynamic group and sharing travel experiences brings us the greatest joy. Creative thinkers, strategic minds, driven by passion, easy to get along and powered by caffeine, good food and canine love - that pretty much sums up our team. Our hearts beat to the melodies of journeys. Our minds are attuned to evolving with
new experiences and responsible living is woven into our souls.


Shilendran Mohanachandran


Always on the front foot, 'Shilu' (as he is known to most), Vice President – Sales, CGH Earth, has been doing a heck of a job marketing and creating new markets for the CGH brand. We love his balance and his ability to have it all under control. With his enormous depth and breadth of experience across the hospitality and tourism industry he brings strategic expertise on global industry trends and innovations, profiling buyers and market expectations. 


Sanjay Mechery


With over two decades of catering passionately towards the Travel & Tourism Industry in the UK, Sanjay has been a consultant for various tourism projects & represented some of the finest boutique hotels from India and the subcontinent in the UK & Europe through ‘Window To Luxury’. He also rolls out a successful yearly road show ‘Inspirations’ for boutique hotels. Well known by the travel community for his marketing expertise and industry connections, Sanjay continues to be a relentless support and advisor to Très.

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Sowmya R Vijaymohan

Founder & Director

In light of what we have collectively experienced in 2020, the path forward will bind us into a closer knot as a fraternity. The relevance of initiatives like Très, that bring the global travel community together to learn, share, celebrate and grow, is more essential and powerful than ever before.

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Swati Rao Purohit

Managing Partner

Très aims to turbo-charge the recovery and growth of the travel industry. Actively expanding the reach of the Indian subcontinent as a safe, experiential travel destination and exchange of ideas & knowledge for shared benefits are our key focus areas.


Sangeeta Nair

Executive Assistant

We have our goals set for the coming year- foremost being to bring the entire travel fraternity together in 2022 for collaborative growth.



Chief Entertainment Officer

Humans... Give me treats.

Our team
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