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Feel the vibe.

Intimate and focused, Très showcases are designed with clarity to cater to the interest of regional and international travel community and hospitality experts to forge new relationships and enhance collaborations within the industry for shared growth and benefits.

Refocus, Reconnect and Realign. Our mantra for the upcoming edition of Très is clearer than ever before. Needless to say, once the world fully recovers, there is an urgent need within the travel industry to renew relationships, rebuild businesses, and collaborate with the right market for the seasons to follow. 


Innovating and evolving with the times, Très is being re-crafted to present a superlative showcase of the finest boutique hotels, hospitality and travel concepts to a diverse yet carefully targeted audience of the Indian and International travel trade community. Knowledge-based discover sessions and skill-based workshops led by experts will be an integral part of the show. We are also excited to announce that ‘Women in Travel’ will define the theme for the next edition with a focus on safe travel for women.

Très is a green event and prides itself for being plastic free and strives to be waste free.

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